Acute abdominal pain

The school called the mother to pick up her son due to sudden, severe abdominal pain. The 12-year-old boy could barely walk to the car; every movement caused him pain. At home, he lay motionless on the couch, complaining of sharp stabbing pain.

The mother reached out to me, and we administered the homeopathic remedy BRYONIA C30, known for addressing conditions worsened by movement. However, the expected relief did not occur within an hour.

So I discussed shortly over the phone with boy: “When did your stomach start hurting?” He replied, “In the first lesson. The teacher announced we’d have a test. The test was scheduled for the end of the day, but the teacher swapped the classes and announced we were going to write it right awat. It stressed me out! My stomach began to hurt, and I felt the urge to go to the bathroom.  As the lessons continued, the pain got worse and worse. By the fourth lesson, I had to tell the teacher. It was unbearable.”

In homeopathy, considering the physical symptoms only (like stabbing after holding back a bowel movement  that worsens with any movement) is not always enough. The remedy must fit within a broader context, addressing the cause of pain and ideally matching the individual’s personality constitution.

While repertorizing the physical symptoms, among different remedies  ARGENTUM NITRICUM stood out. It’s suited for stress from anticipated events, matched the described physical symptoms, and aligned with the boy’s temperament. He’s quick-witted, scatterbrained, constantly has many thoughts racing through his mind. After taking the homeopathic remedy, his abdominal pain completely subsided within 30 minutes.

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