Severe depression

The most dramatic change I’ve witnessed in my practice involved very rapid healing of a severe depression. October 2019. A 37-year-old client had been severely depressed for five months. She was immobilized by her condition, spending entire days in bed having suicidal thoughts. She was unable to care for her 8-year-old daughter, look aVer basic […]

Weekend “burnout”

A 58-year-old woman faces an issue of extreme energy depletion during weekends. “Throughout the week, I function at 90% – handling work, cooking, managing my daughter’s training sessions, household keeping etc. But on Saturdays, all I want to do is watch TV. I avoid going anywhere, minimize conversations, sometimes I even don´t answer the phone. […]

Case of Aggresion

Strong and yet vulnerable. Sometimes two contrasting traits come together. Independence, self-sufficiency, and confidence. And at the same time vulnerability and a fear of abandonment.  A story of dualities. 30-year-old woman walks into my office. “I lash out at my partner. He’s always drinking and lying. He might say he’ll be home in an hour, […]

Suspicion of Crohn’s disease

A 48-year-old woman has significant digestive problems, including diarrhea, cramps, bloating, vomiting from even minor dietary mistakes. She also reports dizziness, and extreme fatigue. She has been diagnosed with both histamine and lactose intolerance. Doctors have raised concerns about the possibility of  Crohn’s disease. It all began a year ago in her previous job. She […]

Dead-end relationship

The forthcoming spring will serve as a litmus test for the efficacy of the homeopathic remedy , given that we only addressed her main problem – spring allergy – after the season ended in early summer 2022. I mention this case briefly due to the notable improvement observed after the homeopathic treatment, which the client […]

Chronic otitits

A father came to me with his 10-year-old daughter during a hot summer day. The girl was wearing a scarf over her ears. “Since she was very young, she has had issues with recurring ear infections. Roughly every 3-4 months, she suffers from otitis, experiencing severe ear pain. Even outside these infection periods, she often […]

Child’s incontinence

An 8-year-old girl has been wetting herself. Her mother says, “She has never had a period where she stopped wetting. It happens to her both during the day and at night. Every day. She also had a urinary bladder infection with the E. coli bacteria. A urologist found out she has urinary reflux, meaning she […]

Acute abdominal pain

The school called the mother to pick up her son due to sudden, severe abdominal pain. The 12-year-old boy could barely walk to the car; every movement caused him pain. At home, he lay motionless on the couch, complaining of sharp stabbing pain. The mother reached out to me, and we administered the homeopathic remedy […]

Acute headache

The boy had been suffering from headaches for 5 days, likely sinusitis following swimming. He could precisely pinpoint the pain – it started at the back of his head and radiated to his left eye, where he felt a pressing pain occasionally accompanied by a sharp sting. In this case, very specific physical symptoms were […]