Case of Aggresion

Strong and yet vulnerable. Sometimes two contrasting traits come together. Independence, self-sufficiency, and confidence. And at the same time vulnerability and a fear of abandonment.  A story of dualities.

30-year-old woman walks into my office. “I lash out at my partner. He’s always drinking and lying. He might say he’ll be home in an hour, but shows up five hours later, drunk. I lose it. The rage builds up, and I explode. I shout, break stuff, and sometimes I even imagine killing him. His lies just ignite this fury inside me.”

What else sets you off? “Like this one time, his ex showed up, and he hid my stuff in another room to pretend I wasn’t there. He’s even paying her rent! It’s as if he’s juggling two lives. When I saw my things tucked away, I became so furious, started to yell and shake, they took me to the hospital. There have been moments when I’ve smashed his phone or hit him. His lies, they just drive me insane. I’ve left him multiple times but always end up going back. After one very bad fight, I packed my things and moved to Bali for a year, not even responding to his messages.”

She’s dealt with anger since she was a kid. “My dad drank a lot, and I loathed him for it. I recall he left me at home when I was about four, instead of dropping me off at kindergarten. I had no food, no water, I was shouting out the window for my mom. I was all alone until she got back from work. 

I played a tennis a lot.  I was frequently angry, so much so that I even shattered tennis rackets.

How did you feel in your childhood? “Growing up, I felt lost. I’d easily cry or get angry. I couldn’t stand my dad’s drinking. Love was missing in our house. My mom’s got a big heart, but she never showed me affection. It felt so odd when she tried to embrace me later in life. I think I just shut down on them emotionally. But, I do have a soft spot for animals, especially cats. 

She continues about her childhood: “At 12, I won a tennis tournament. Part of the prize was studying at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. I had no problem leaving home; I wasn’t sad. I could go anywhere alone. I was driven by the desire for a better life, to be successful, earn money, and live a better life than my parents. I’ve been independent since then. My parents never visited me. By 13, I was earning and was independent. Since then, I only went home to visit. I was a professional tennis player, but an injury ended my career. I took all the tennis coaching courses, lived abroad, and coached tennis worldwide. If I decided to teach in Dubai, I’d buy a ticket the same day and stay there for a year. 

People think I’ve got it all sorted, but inside, there’s this fear of being left alone.  I didn’t have love as a child, so I crave it. Maybe I come off as cold or mean sometimes, but that’s just my  way of showing love.”

During the consultation, I also ask about the fears and dreams: “I’m not afraid to start something new, but I fear losing someone close. I’m afraid that the person I love will leave. I dream that my partner is lying to me, and I wake up very angry.” 

Her priority is to live life on her terms: “Live my life as I wish. Do what I want. Earn enough so that I don’t have to ask permission to buy things. I want to achieve something more, be successful. I have to be disciplined if I want to be successful. I also do not want to rely on someone and face disappointments.”

From her narrative, one senses the story of a young girl with extraordinary strength, who was independent, goal-oriented, and self-sufficient from a young age. Earning at 13 is certainly not common. Her resilience and independence was striking –  she went wherever she wanted. 

Yet, the scars of her past, the desperation, and unmet needs surge on surface: “My parents didn’t show me love. In reality, I fear that person I love will leave, and I’ll be alone again. I have no one to lean on. I’ll be abandoned again.” 

When analysing the case, initial step is to determine the realm from which the client needs a homeopathic remedy. Is it mineral, plant, or animal? 

Here, signs clearly point towards the animal kingdom. The main issues comes from “someone else”, her husband, there is no issue of internal structure like in minerals or the sensitivity and perspectives of plants. Her vivacity, competitive edge, and desire to stand out align with animals. The lack of early nourishment and love hint towards mammals.

Felines mammals, especially, are known for their early independence, often leaving their parents at a young age. This independence often brings feelings of abandonment. Success in their careers is key, emphasizing their need for independence. Their work often takes center stage, with relationships coming second. 

I first prescribed LAC FELINUM (cat’s milk).  However, six weeks later, she reported no change. After reevaluating, I decided on the homeopathic remedy LAC LEONINUM (lion´s milk). The dominant emotion of this homeopathic remedy is intense anger, which can escalate into rage. Anger often arises from false accusation, deception, betrayal, feelings of constraint. It’s common for women needing Lac leoninum to direct their rage towards their male partners when deceited. 

Follow up after 6 weeks: “My aggression has reduced dramatically. I feel more in control. Before, my anger would skyrocket instantly, but now, it’s more muted. I don’t lose my cool over trivial things like a messy kitchen. Even my partner’s noticed the change. I’ve also got more energy now. Overall, I’m feeling about 60% better.”

Follow up few weeks later: ” My anger outbursts now only surface just before my menses and are much milder in intensity.” Four months after commencing the Lac leoninum homeopathic remedy, she reported an impressive 80% improvement. Given that these issues have been present since her childhood, achieving an 80% improvement is indeed a remarkable result.”

In conclusion, I wish to highlight a significant aspect of homeopathic remedy production, especially those derived from animals. Homeopathic manufacturers approach this with deep reverence for animal welfare. For example, to create a remedy from a bird, merely a shed feather is utilized, enabling its use for multiple remedy batches. Remedies derived from mammals primarily use their milk, and on rare occasions, a drop of blood. It’s crucial to understand that no harm comes to the animals during this process. When using milk, only a minimal amount is extracted from a lactating female. This milk is meticulously combined with water and alcohol. Once settled, it transforms into what is known as the mother tincture, which encompasses all the essential components for subsequent stages of production. Astonishingly, a single mother tincture can serve as the foundation for countless remedies over many decades. From just one mother tincture, thousands of homeopathic remedy bottles can be crafted.

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