Child’s incontinence

An 8-year-old girl has been wetting herself. Her mother says, “She has never had a period where she stopped wetting. It happens to her both during the day and at night. Every day. She also had a urinary bladder infection with the E. coli bacteria. A urologist found out she has urinary reflux, meaning she doesn’t empty her bladder completely.”

We tried various homeopathic remedies with minimal effect. The search for the right homeopathic remedy continued until we identified likely cause of her wetting. Her mother explains, “She sees us argue and takes it hard. She’s the oldest sibling. She is extremely sensitive to arguments at home. She finds them hard to bear. She’s afraid I’ll get divorced. When we argue, she draws something for us spontaneously, trying to appease us. For example she writes: ‘I love you both.’ She’s also afraid of her father’s aggression.”

Parental arguments and the child’s role as a mediator between parents is a theme in several remedies, but it’s especially pronounced in magnesium salts. I recommended MAGNESIUM MURIATICUM to the client. For this remedy, it’s typical for the child to feel pulled in two directions. Their reaction to arguments is either to withdraw or, conversely, to be active, trying to appease the parents or divert attention to themselves by being aggressive.

Follow-up after 2.5 months: she hasn’t wet herself since summer.

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