Chronic otitits

A father came to me with his 10-year-old daughter during a hot summer day. The girl was wearing a scarf over her ears. “Since she was very young, she has had issues with recurring ear infections. Roughly every 3-4 months, she suffers from otitis, experiencing severe ear pain. Even outside these infection periods, she often complains about sensitive ears and constantly wears a scarf over them, even in the summer. She is bothered by loud noises, drafts, submerging her head into water, and every cold she catches results in an ear infection. An otolaryngologist diagnosed her with a 25% hearing loss and recommended a hearing aid.”

The girl’s character – responsible, precociously mature for her age, yet sensitive to relationships – combined with the pronounced physical ear symptoms led me to prescribe the remedy SILICEA.

Follow-up after 3 months of treatment: “In the past, she used to have clogged ears after viral illnesses, but this time, she didn’t experience it. Her ear sensitivity has gone; she can now dive without needing a cap to cover her ears. Her hearing has improved remarkably. She can even hear across rooms now. Before, when the TV was on, she couldn’t hear. Something has opened up, and she’s more assertive as well.”

Another follow-up after 2 more months: “Her ears are problem-free, but she’s developed an increased fear of spiders. Before, she was only slightly scared, but now she’s terrified of them.” 

Given the excellent response to the homeopathic remedy – her inner strength grew and the physical symptoms completely disappeared, indicating that the prescription was accurate – I assumed that the remedy should also clear her fear of spiders so I did not change the homeopathic remedy. Later, the father messaged me saying that three months after the last homeopathic treatment, her fear of spiders had completely disappeared. 

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