Suspicion of Crohn’s disease

A 48-year-old woman has significant digestive problems, including diarrhea, cramps, bloating, vomiting from even minor dietary mistakes. She also reports dizziness, and extreme fatigue. She has been diagnosed with both histamine and lactose intolerance. Doctors have raised concerns about the possibility of  Crohn’s disease.

It all began a year ago in her previous job. She felt unwanted, pushed away, her colleagues were deliberately sabotaging her. Her boss disliked her as well, not even engaging in a conversation or sending her emails that were shared with everyone else. She felt isolated, pitted against everyone:  “I always had to fight against someone.” This feeling wasn’t new – she felt similarly unwanted and isolated during her childhood. Speaking of her parents, she says, “My father is an alcoholic, an abuser, a parasite financially dependent on my mother and me, and I have nothing good to say about him.” She has a good relationship with her mother, but often feels guilty, believing she doesn’t do enough for her.

There, she felt marginalized and excluded. Her colleagues seemed to deliberately undermine her, and her boss displayed evident aversion, excluding her from communications and general interactions. She described the experience as battling everyone: “It always felt like it was me against the world.” This sense of isolation wasn’t unfamiliar to her; it echoed feelings of neglect and rejection from her childhood. Regarding her family background, she recounts, “My father is an alcoholic and abusive parasite. He leached off my mother and me financially, and I have nothing nice to say about him.” Although she maintains a close bond with her mother, she’s often burdened by guilt, feeling she doesn’t do enough for her.

I initially prescribed  the homeopathic remedy COLOCYNTHIS, mainly because of her physical symptoms, however, with no improvement. I then used Jan Scholten´s method of analysis – given that her problems revolved around relationships I decided on a remedy from Liliales 633.

From this family I chose a remedy that is reflecting the state of a person on the margins, an outsider, hence opting for phase 7 (with her father’s parasitic behavior reaffirming this choice). Her pattern of overextending herself for others, feelings of guilt, and her bouts of dizziness directed me to Sub-phase 3. Her way of acting in this situation was   “always fight  against someoone.”  This resonates with remedy from the 12th stage.

Chosen remedy DACTYLORHZYA MACULATA 633.73.12 catalyzed a substantial improvement in her condition.

At her six-week follow-up, she conveyed a 60% improvement in her symptoms. “Now, out of the five weekdays, I only feel unwell on one, and that’s typically after consuming heavy meals like beef stew. The overall improvement is significant. However, I’ve noticed an uptick in my dizziness. In my dreams, I feel like my head is constantly spinning, it´s like being on a swaying ship.”

Considering the peculiar and intense nature of her nocturnal dizziness, I  thought the remedy should have  pronounced  dizziness as well. Therefore I selected NICOTIANA RUSTICA. 

Six weeks post this adjustment, she reported:  “All my digestive issues have vanished; I have no adverse reaction to food. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the pinnacle of well-being, I genuinely feel at a 10.”

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