Weekend “burnout”

A 58-year-old woman faces an issue of extreme energy depletion during weekends. “Throughout the week, I function at 90% – handling work, cooking, managing my daughter’s training sessions, household keeping etc. But on Saturdays, all I want to do is watch TV. I avoid going anywhere, minimize conversations, sometimes I even don´t answer the phone. It feels like I’m in a depressive state. I’ve developed a complete aversion to any physical activity. I won’t tidy up. I’d see a plant wilting, rotting, but I won’t take action. I’d spend the entire day lying down, constantly finding excuses to do anything saying to myself 7 am is too early to rise and then 2 pm it’s too late to get up. I know I should be exercising, but I don’t. It’s as if I can’t motivate myself to act. This inactivity makes me feel guilty. I feel burdened by an endless dark weight. I only get up if I have an external obligation, like driving my daughter to a club, and that’s the maximum.”

When did these issues begin? “I experienced depression about 10 years ago. My ex-husband mentally tormented me. I took medications for nearly three years, and then it passed. This current depressive phase began around 2015-2016. I was working excessively, day and night, wrapping up a project, all while taking care of my two daughters on my own. I felt incredibly exhausted. In 2014, I also had a severe accident – I fell off a bike and suffered a 49% blood loss, after which I had a transfusion. I couldn’t even lift a cup; everything required immense effort. This accident drained me for a long time.”

Analysis and prescription: The persistent physical fatigue likely originates from psychological and emotional exhaustion (being a single mother, facing mental abuse from her ex-husband, and caring for her dying second husband). A significant aspect of her problem revolves around her reluctance to meet and communicate with people during weekends. Moreover, the accident and significant blood loss that left her extremely drained played. After taking the medicine ACIDUM PHOSPHORICUM C200, her condition transformed within two days.

Follow-up: “I found it hard to believe initially, but I felt a tremendous surge of energy, as if I had an endless supply. The day seems too short now. Since then, I haven’t spent a single weekend lying in bed. I did have work commitments during the first weekend, but even after coming home, I wasn’t drawn to bed. I forgot what lying in bed felt like. My overall improvement is around 90 – 95%.”

The client has been on homeopathic treatment for a year now and continues to feel well.

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